Accela Mobile Interface


Accela has partnered with Quatred to deliver a new mobile parking ticket and an inventory interface that is a state-of-the art SOA.NET solution.  Both interfaces enable important information to be downloaded to a ruggedized mobile computer so parking tickets and inventory counts can be processed without having to be connected to a wireless network.  When a network is in range, the work can be uploaded to Accela for processing.

QUICK® Mobile Parking Violations Features:

  • Wireless freedom & flexibility

  • Allows the processing of parking tickets without being connected to a network

    • Create parking tickets

    • Print parking tickets

    • Reprint tickets

    • Edit issued tickets

    • Checks for Tow Notifications

    • Check for Passport Mobile Pay Parking

  • Reduction in errors

    • Eliminates redundant paperwork

    • Eliminates someone having to read illegible handwriting

  • Increased efficiency

    • Eliminates data entry into Accela Parking Tickets

    • Generates parking tickets much faster than manually issuing tickets

QUICK® Mobile Inventory Features:

  • Wireless freedom & flexibility

    • Work online in real time connected via Wi-Fi or Cellular Networks

    • Work offline in a disconnected state and port your pending transactions when you are back in range of your network.

  • Reduction in errors

    • Eliminates redundant paperwork

    • Eliminates having to read illegible handwriting

    • Eliminates data entry by having user equipped with mobile computers process inventory transactions

  • Increased efficiency

    • Eliminates the need for data entry into Accela Inventory Control

    • Allows scanning of barcoded labels for accurate inventory updates

    • Allows the reading of RFID tags

  • Accela Mobile Interfaces

    • Inventory Inquiry

    • Physical Inventory

    • Inventory Transactions

      • Receipts

      • Issues

      • Returns

      • Transfers

About Accela

Today, Accela powers thousands of services and millions of transactions for more than 2,000 public agencies worldwide. With this rich heritage of experience, Accela and its partners are in a unique position to offer professional services aimed at providing tailored solutions that fit the exact requirements of your agency.


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