Carlisle, PA Implements Mobile Parking
Ticket Interface for Accela

The Borough of Carlisle, PA parking enforcement personnel and police department implemented the Quatred Mobile Parking Ticket interface for Accela (formerly Springbrook).  Parking Tickets can be issued and vehicles can be checked for towing without having to be connected to a wireless network! When within range of Borough Hall or the Police Department, parking tickets are wirelessly uploaded to the Accela backend system!

About Carlisle Borough, Pennsylvania

Founded in 1751, Carlisle Borough is one of Pennsylvania’s most treasured historic communities.  Located in picturesque south-central Pennsylvania, Carlisle’s history is rich, ideals are plentiful, and diversity abundant.


With a reputation as a growing and viable community, historic Carlisle continues to meet the ever-evolving economic needs of its citizens. Success is evident on every street corner; from small businesses to large corporations, Carlisle is embracing the world of tomorrow. The combination of small and large retail businesses, along with the addition of technology-based firms, and strong service industries, the community has reinvented itself.


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About Accela

Today, Accela powers thousands of services and millions of transactions for more than 2,000 public agencies worldwide. With this rich heritage of experience, Accela and its partners are in a unique position to offer professional services aimed at providing tailored solutions that fit the exact requirements of your agency.


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