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Here is what Quatred customers are saying about QUICK® Software, Implementation, Configuration, Training and Customer Support:

"I needed a reliable and accurate method of tracking inventory that was taken from a secured substation yard when no inventory control resources were onsite.  I engaged Quatred to implement an RFID portal that automatically reads any inventory loaded on a utility truck passing through the yard gate and issues the inventory in our back end inventory system!"

-Leonard Thomas, Material Coordinator, Virgin Islands Water & Power Authority

"I was apprehensive about going mobile at first, but after performing a few test runs, it quickly became apparent that it is much easier to use the mobile computers than I originally thought.  We have successfully completed our first physical inventory without printing any inventory worksheets and without performing any data entry!  Love the mobile solutions and the great support from Quatred!!!"
-Cathy Morgan, Senior Procurement Analyst, City of Tarpon Springs, FL
"We have been using the Mobile Evidence/Property Interface for SunGard NaviLine since January 2013 and have not had any issues to date!  I have almost completed barcoding everything in the evidence room (time permitting) so I can use the mobile computer for all Evidence/Property transactions.  The system has helped me out tremendously with chain of custody; especially during mass updates involving disposal of property & evidence!"
-Heidi Thomas, Police Technician, Delaware Police Department, OH
"I've been waiting for this system a long time.  I'm really excited about streamlining our operations by processing transactions on mobile computers when and where they occur and getting rid of redundant paperwork!"
-Frankie Chevere, Warehouse Manager, City of Pompano Beach, FL

“Prior to the implementation of Quatred’s QUICK® Mobile Computing & Barcoding Interface for SunGard’s NaviLine solution, all inventory items issued to work orders were keyed in manually. Now, all of our transactions are processed with mobile computers “online” and in “real-time” yielding an extremely accurate inventory and a significant reduction in errors. We have expanded and now have the Mobile Receiving and Mobile Inventory Transfer Add-ons which has reduced the amount of time employees spend at their computers manually entering transactions. The changeover was painless and everything is very user friendly! The support we receive is outstanding! We couldn’t be happier with the new efficiencies in our department!”


-Christine Bonnenfant, Storekeeper, Placer County Water Agency, Auburn, CA



“Annual physical inventories have been streamlined due to the fact that all physical count data entry has been eliminated. The Mobile Interface saves time on the research of each item count that is off because the system is real-time. We are alerted to problems immediately rather than a month or two (or more) down the road which makes reconciling inventory much faster and easier. Quatred staff members are very friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and are patient with end users in resolving any issues that may arise. From a technical aspect, I greatly appreciate their ability and willingness to get on our system to make changes or teach us how to improve our processes.”


-Donna Crowley, Information Systems, Placer County Water Agency, Auburn, CA


"Quatred came in on a Monday. They worked with our IT department to configure and deploy all of the equipment, trained the purchasing staff on how to use the system and trained our IT staff on the technical aspects of the solution. When they left on Wednesday we were up and running!"


-Chris Meske, Senior Purchasing Specialist, City of Thousand Oaks, CA

"We needed visibility to the date an item was last issued on our mobile inventory inquiry and a "Last Issued" inventory analysis report so we could examine our inventory activity and reduce or eliminate slow-moving and obsolete inventory. We engaged Quatred to enhance their mobile inquiry and create a "Last Issued" report. After implementation, we came up with several ideas on how we could improve the report and Quatred implemented them the same day. Like the Drill Sargent said to Forrest Gump, "...You are a Genius!". Thank you Quatred!"


-Michael Powell, Materials Management Supervisor, Emerald Coast Utilities Authority


"The implementation of the Quatred’s QUICK® Mobile Computing & Barcoding interface in partnership with SunGard Public Sector’s NaviLine software suite is expected to reduce issue and receipt transaction times by 75% annually and physical inventory time by as much as 50%! The ability to change physical locations and receive materials with a handheld further expedite administrative work permitting the reallocation of manpower to other important logistic functions. The Quatred staff are experts in mobile computing, wireless technologies and system integration. They have an in-depth knowledge of SunGard Public Sector’s NaviLine software and deliver expeditious product service in support of the overall system. I highly recommend Quatred for municipalities that want to eliminate redundant paperwork, streamline transaction processing and untether personnel from their desks so they can process transactions when and where they occur!"


-Gordon Hartman, Warehouse & Stores Manager, Lake Worth Florida

"We needed an efficient paperless system for our workers to deliver the recycle containers and assign them to physical address in our system.  We knew Quatred had a proven track record in extending core business systems to mobile so we engaged them to create a custom solution for us.  The solution has exceeded our expectations.  We have delivered 30,000 bar coded containers in a few months without having to manually key any information into our system"


-Luda Fishman, Business Manger, Bakersfield California

"When evaluating ERP Material Management Systems, our final selection was based on the functionality required by several of our fabrication facilities and the total cost of the solution. We chose Quatred’s QUICK® mobile solution in conjunction with PRISM® ERP. Quatred deployed our Enterprise system from inception through completion. Quatred set up a cloud based system, installed and configured the ERP software, integrated the ERP software to our existing financial software, deployed wireless MESH networks for our outdoor fabrication yards, rolled out handhelds, tablets and mobile printers, trained our staff and customized the system to meet our requirements. Quatred has been and still is very responsive to all of our needs!"


-Bruce Munroe, Corporate Quality Assurance Manager, Dynamic Energy Services International LLC

“The City of Titusville has implemented Bar Code for our Field Operations and Garage facilities. The application was seamless to implement and the staff love it! It has made our audit a breeze! It has cut our audit time in half.  Thank you Quatred!“


-Renee Kusterer, Systems Analyst III, City of Titusville, FL

“Going mobile has streamlined our inventory processes and helped our materials staff become more efficient! We look forward to additional functionality being extended to the mobile environment. I would like to thank Quatred for their expertise and professionalism in deploying this solution.”


-Aaron Ray, Stores Supervisor, Columbia Missouri Water & Light

“The time savings realized by using the mobile computers to record transactions at their source in real-time enables warehouse workers to focus on keeping inventory accurate rather than manually recording and keying in transactions!”


-Shirley Brooks, WH Manager, Virgin Islands Water & Power – St. Thomas

“I consider this to be an elegant, well written application. The user interface is very simple to use. We bought two separate types of mobile computers and both are remarkably rugged and easy to use."                                           


-Jay Trunnell, Information Technology Officer, Cucamonga Valley Water District, CA

“Quatred’s mobile solution has greatly improved our mass update time frame and makes it so much easier to maintain our evidence/property inventory.”


-Debbie Lugo, Materials Management Officer, Palm Bay Police Department, FL

“We have been very happy with the support services. There has been someone there to answer the phones and give support every time we have called. We are extremely satisfied!”


-Cheryl Prevatte, Criminalistics Specialist, Venice Police Department, FL

“We have seen destruction run processing cut back from days to hours!”


-Michael Deneweth, Technical Systems Coordinator, Venice Police Department, FL

“Using the QUICK® approach, we were able to extend PRISM® functionality to handhelds and fork trucks throughout the entire operation. Engaging Quatred for a complete solution... hardware, software, bar coding & implementation services... was definitely the right choice! I am extremely impressed!“


-Becky Keller, Project Manager, Super Store Industries, Turlock, CA

“Quatred came out and custom tailored the mobile computer interface so our users are proactively directed through the processing of their duties. With the solution in place, everything is now processed online and in real-time.”


-Jayson Sovsky, System Administrator, Rubycon America Inc., Gurnee, IL

"We are very excited about the new streamlined approach you developed that will essentially eliminate all of the manual recording and data entry of fire personnel equipment issue information, equipment resource assignments, and fire resource activities (scheduling & completion). The ability to perform these transactions at the Fire Station and in the field via our Wireless OnComm Rockets provides us with an invaluable tool to tag and track all of our equipment and activities. Also, the financial savings to local governments, in the form of man-hours, is extremely valuable in these turbulent economic times. Your proficiency, professionalism, work ethic and willingness to “go the extra mile” are greatly appreciated!"


-Ronald Barrett, Systems Manager, City of Marietta MIS\GIS

"You and Greg were great!  Everyone was impressed by your professionalism and dedication to the project."


-Dan Gerald, Assistant IT Director, City of Boca Raton, FL

"Quatred implemented QUICK and tailored it to meet our needs so our users can process material transactiona at the point of impact.  We utilize wireless mobile computers and printers on our picking carts to proactively enforce our picking processes online in real-time.  Furthermore, we have empowered our materials management users by giving them the tools they need to do their jobs more efficiently! "


"Marc and his team have consistently provided excellent support and guidance for the 22 years we've worked together.  Each project that he and his team have worked on for us has met or exceeded expectations, enabled tremendous process improvements and transaction accuracy, and has provided exceptional business value."


-Jim Torres, Manager of Information Technology, Thermo Fisher Scientific, MA

"It was a pleasure working with Greg and yourself this week to implement the Quatred solution. I continue to be impressed with the high level of customer service I have received from you and your staff (Doug and Greg). We are looking forward to moving forward with this initiative to allow us to control evidence in Property Control and Identification."


-Gary McFadyen, Informatics Manager, Saint John Police Force, Canada

"Thank you. It was a pleasure working with a skilled business partner who held the commitment to seeing the job through to completion."


-Daniel Rich, Public Works, City of Elgin, IL

“I’m really glad we chose your company for your barcode solution. I don’t think any other company would help as you do!”


-Carolyn C Ginan, Purchasing Division, Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department, FL

"Quatred provided a much needed update to our workflow.  Before using QUICK we used paper forms and entered data in manually.  Now this process is more efficient and has eliminated the risk of incorrect data.  The best part of this project is employees buying into the project because of the ease of use of Quatred's product.  We couldn't be happier with the outcome!"


-Christopher Johnson, GIS Coordinator, City of Marietta, GA

“Since putting the Quatred Bar Code solution to practice in the Fleet Services warehouse a year ago, the time required to count inventory is down by two-thirds and we are saving a lot of paper in the process. We also save three to four hours a week by using the hand-held scanners to issue out items to job orders. We use bar codes and labels wherever we can to minimize data entry, the result being that errors and product loss are way down. The best thing is not having to key in several hundred item counts after having already written them down on a count sheet. This system is a real efficiency gain for our organization.”


-Kirk Scopac, Fleet Shop Foreman, City of Temple, TX

"To anyone who is contemplating using this mobile solution...don't hesitate.  It is worth the investment.  I have been in the purchasing industry for 10 years and this is one of the best solutions I've used.  It is easy to operate and very user friendly."


-Fabian Rodriguez, Warehouse Supervisor, Coachella Valley Water District, CA

"When we elected to move forward with extending our inventory and production operations to wireless mobile computers and fork truck mounted units, we selected Quatred.  The Quatred team has extensive experience in applying mobile solutions to real-world business problems.  Using the  QUICK® Application Framework, they built a robust, cost-effective solution that meets Bama’s specific needs.  Today, we are processing production and inventory transactions online in real-time at six facilities.  Prior to implementation, inventory accuracy at the location/lot level was 30 to 35%.  The current state of all facilities is 99.5% accuracy at the location/lot level!"


-Brian Davis, Director of Information Systems, Bama Companies Inc., OK

"Quatred’s Mobile Parking Enforcement solution is easy to use, simplifies the violations process and is very reliable.  I highly recommend this solution to anyone wanting to streamline their parking enforcement operations.  Also, Quatred support is terrific!  It’s so refreshing to work with a company that’s customer oriented and willing to quickly take care of any problems or issues we encounter!"  


-Mike Ackerson, Parking Enforcement Officer, City of DeLand, FL

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