QUICKShip® Shipping Features

  • Reduction/Elimination of paperwork

  • Purchase Order Lookup

  • Customer Number Lookup

  • Details of the trailer

  • Digital Card Scan (front & back)

  • Digital Photo Capture

  • Digital Signature Capture

  • Multi-Language (English, Spanish, French)

  • Customized online real-time access to your backend ERP system

  • Shipment History Inquiry

Enterprise Asset Management

  • Availability of cost-effective, enterprise-ready and easy-to-use handheld computers.

  • Accelerating deployment of local area wireless (WLAN) and wide area wireless (WWAN) networks to move data to and from the point of business activity.

  • Availability of new and more powerful tracking technologies such as two dimensional (2D) bar codes and RFID.

  • Emergence of new field force automation applications built to use the latest mobile technology.


Field Service

  • Leave your customer satisfied

Field technicians equipped with mobility tools can respond to customers more quickly and effectively than before.  Instead of being in the office filing reports or ordering parts, service reps can spend their time with customers, fixing problems and reducing the number of repeat calls.  With real-time access to a wealth of resources, field technicians can be more responsive to customer queries and complaints.

  • Transform your service center into a profit center

Your customers are your lifeblood.  Enhance customer loyalty, reduce customer chum, helping to contribute to a stronger bottom line.  By increasing contact with customers your organization will be in a better position to satisfy those customers and capitalize on revenue-generating opportunities.


Sales Force Automation

  • Access customer and product data to make more sales.

  • Give salespeople portable access to critical information that provides insight into customer needs.

  • Increase efficiency.

  • Check stock, pricing and delivery of even the most complex products remotely.

  • Eliminate labor costs of processing paper citations

  • Improve ability to close more deals on the spot.

  • Increase retention.


Fleet Management

  • Increase the effectiveness of your maintenance workers

Save time and increase data accuracy by replacing hard-copy work orders with mobile computers. Technicians have immediate access to information about maintenance history, parts availability and repair instructions. As they use parts, they’ll be able to scan in their bar codes or RFID tags, providing you with accurate inventory records. And when they’re done, they’ll be able to relay information about the work they performed back to your central database, eliminating data entry and keeping you up-to-date on all maintenance activities.

  • Use vehicle information to make maintenance decisions

With Fleet tracking solutions, you’ll be able to use vehicle-performance data — made available by simply reading the truck’s bar code or RFID tag — to plan maintenance activities. You’ll minimize downtime by ensuring fixes are made only when necessary — rather than according to a pre-established plan.


Fleet Management for Transportation and Logistics

  • Monitor Vehicle location and behavior to increase safety and gain visibility

    • Gain real-time visibility into driver and vehicle performance to know where your drivers are located, at what speed they are driving and driving patterns.

    • Identify excess idling, accurately schedule load pickups, and deploy the most appropriate truck to the closest customer.

    • Reduce damaged inventory, increase the safety of your drivers and decrease insurance costs.

  • Meet compliance mandates and manage labor with accurate reporting and tracking

    • Track employee hours, avoid costly billing mistakes, and validate compliance with directives and mandates with automated reporting, time sheets and invoices

  • Enhance customer experience by empowering your drivers with mobility

    • Enable your drivers take on-the-spot transactions, instantly correct any mistake and place correction orders, and enable customers to track their shipments online.

    • Ensure shipments are delivered on time by optimizing routes, communicating with drivers in real time, and keeping track of last-minute changes.

  • Easily repair and maintain your fleets with automated processes and record-keeping

    • Use vehicle-performance data - made available by simply reading the truck's bar code or RFID tag - to plan maintenance activities.

    • Minimize downtime and give technicians immediate access to information about maintenance history, parts availability and repair instructions.

    • Request on-the-spot service by placing a phone call from the device's integrated 3G world cell phone or push-to-talk (PTT) function.

    • Eliminate errors and record inspection data in a fraction of the time it takes to document these procedures with paper processes.

    • Immediately report vehicle defects in the body, engine or under the hood, by sending an alert to the central database through a WLAN connection.

    • Allow drivers to easily document proof of a vehicle's condition during the inspection process with a 2-megapixel auto-focus color camera.

  • Motorola Fleet Management Solutions can help you in all areas of your transportation operations including:

    • Dispatch and Scheduling

    • Driver and Vehicle Tracking

    • Driver Productivity

    • Fleet Maintenance

    • Load Management

    • Pick-up and Delivery

    • Regulatory Compliance

  • Full Service for DSD Route Accounting

    • Delivery dispatch

    • Finalize loads

    • Delivery route

    • Send load adjustments

    • Receive new orders in real time

    • Input orders

    • Print invoices

    • View order history

    • Show customers promotions and transaction summaries

    • Send the day's data to the dispatch host

    • Print reports

    • Receive and send device information

    • Check for application upgrades and downloads

    • Enable communications via secure 802.11b wireless local area networks (WLAN) or wireless wide area networks (WWAN)

  • Pre-Sales and Merchandising for DSD Route Accounting

    • Empower your sales force to capture competitor's pricing, give clients graphically displayed sales analytics and input special orders, at the retail location.  You'll satisfy demands for inventory and for order information as well as provide your sales force with the information they need to up-sell and cross-sell

  • Warehouse Management

    • Keep up with and proactively respond to customer demand, inventory turnover and regulatory requirements with warehouse management solutions designed for warehouse operations and highly specialized supply chains.  Warehouse management technology maximizes productivity and enables new workflow processes that reduce errors.  By implementing our warehouse solutions, your team can benefit from cost savings, streamlined processes, and increased profits.