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Asset Management

  • Track product through the entire production process including quality and packaging configurations

  • Automatically document and validate raw materials incorporated throughout the packaging process

  • Extend quality processes to critical suppliers to improve overall quality and visibility



  • Achieve total inventory visibility and synchronized packaging processes

  • Monitor plant usage, line sequencing, throughput and machine performances to find and fix potential problems before they  negatively impact schedules

  • Improved inventory management, from the warehouse to store

Field Mobility

  • Improves overall warehouse efficiency, reducing labor costs

  • Reduces inventory stocking level requirements

  • Increases shipping accuracy

  • Enables efficient and accurate material tracking

  • Decreases the volume and cost of warehouse space


Improve Tracking

  • Improve speed and accuracy for tracking pallets, cartons and containers


  • Reduce Cost

    • Reduce stock levels and operating costs

  • Improve Inventory Management

    • Provide for more efficient picking operations due to real-time inventory, routing and movement information

    • Increased asset utilization and uptime

    • Higher technician productivity

    • Reduced tools/spares inventory and associated costs

  • Quality Management

    • Increased worker productivity

    • Streamlined data collection

    • Improved data accuracy

    • Improved product quality

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