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Government Services- Public Administration

  • Statewide Communication System

    • Safety​ officials can complete their missions with increased efficiency due to faster and more accurate access to vital information.

    • Interoperability between different state, local and federal agencies becomes a reality — a vital capability during disaster situations.

    • Shared infrastructure cuts down on costs of required facilities and equipment.

    • The public can receive more public safety services in record time as shared infrastructure allows direct interoperability between agencies.

    • Rapid user access on trunked networks is even more reliable due to the efficient use of spectrum.


  • Track Containers

    • Know at a glance exactly what you've got, where it is, who it is assigned to, when it was deployed and when it was last serviced.


  • Maintain Containers

    • Preserve your investments.  Use Work Order Management to deliver, pick-up, exchange, replace or repair your containers in the field.


  • Improve Customer Service

    • Increase the accuracy of your billing and validate who is assigned what containers.


  • Improve Efficiency

    • Eliminate redundant recording of data and errors by scanning containers instead of record human readable serial numbers.


Government Transportation

  • RFID Transportation

    • As globalization increases and the time and distance between the point of manufacturing and the point of consumption increases, so does the need for these companies to improve the efficiency of their operations, reduce costs and ultimately provide better customer service. With rising demands for the delivery of goods, transportation companies are looking for faster and cheaper means of delivery, and increased and more accurate tracking capabilities.

    • RFID solutions for the transportation and logistics industry (including air, rail, water, truck, parcel/post-delivery, transit, and pipeline) help companies access more accurate and timely data to manage their assets, including the transportation vehicle.

    • RFID solutions to increase visibility into asset maintenance, yard management, dispatch, pickup and delivery are readily available to help companies improve efficiencies and enhance services to their customers.

    • Improve asset management

      • Optimize fleet tracking capabilities.

    • Improve customer service

      • Increase the accuracy and number of on-time deliveries.

    • Improve efficiency

      • Reduce labor and inventory carrying costs and improve efficiencies for the loading, tracking and delivery of cargo.

    • Reduce inventory loss

      • Reduce loss of cargo through theft, mishandling or expiration with improved tracking and status information.

    • Improve safety

      • Provide safe and secure freight transportation with container management solutions and electronic manifests.


  • Intelligent Transportation

    • Relieve congestion, improve safety, and increase mobility

    • Enhance operational efficiencies and improve productivity

    • Incorporate 24/7 surveillance of roadways and railways, bridge monitoring, and traffic management solutions

    • Optimize existing transportation assets and provide the infrastructure for smart vehicles and smart highways, and integrated corridor management


  • Wireless Broadband Solution for Transportation

    • These solutions deliver highly reliable 24/7 network availability.

      • Provides robust, scalable, interference-tolerant industrial wireless broadband infrastructure options proven to deliver highly reliable 24/7 availability. 

    • Enterprise-wide Coverage and Connectivity

      • Connect workers and functional areas throughout the organization — from indoor office and warehouse space to outdoor loading docks to remote facilities to ships on the ocean, airplanes at 30,000 feet, remote control locomotives and pipeline connections in the middle of nowhere. The results being stronger competitive advantage gained through better knowledge and increased communications between intermodal transportation partners.

    • Converged IP Networks

      • Enables transportation enterprises to offer access to voice, video and data on a single converged IP network.

    • Improved Safety

      • In today's increasingly security-conscious business environment, digital video surveillance solutions help protect the safety of passengers, cargo containers, personnel and capital equipment. Supports most combinations of mobile and fixed surveillance cameras and access controls, helping protect critical infrastructure and deploying emergency communication and notification systems.

    • Challenges

      • Changing business conditions are forcing most transportation operations to face a number of crucial challenges, including the needs to:

        • Improve supply chain efficiency.

        • Lower costs in every part of the value chain.

        • Improve customer service.

        • Protect and secure people and assets.

        • Increase worker productivity.

        • Comply with regulatory environments.

Fire and Emergency Services

  • Deployable Communications

    • RF site on wheels

      • Fully integrated RF site solution for rapid response to mission critical networks. Includes a shelter,
        antenna, generator, trailer and radio equipment fully integrated and ready to use for emergency

      • Available in trunked, conventional or analog only in any frequency band, and in multiple

      • Can integrate into the existing network in approximately 30 minutes with patent technology in RF
        shielding and grounding methods offering optimal installation and performance.

      • Self-contained RF site on wheels also includes a diesel fuel tank with enough reserves to operate
        continuously for four to five days without refueling.

Airports and Seaports

  • RFID Government

    • Border and Immigration Security

    • Cargo and Container Security

    • Food and Cold Chain Safety (Product Authentication and Temperature Tracking)

    • Livestock & Agriculture Tracking

    • Military Personnel Relocation Services

    • Military Supply Chain (Supply chain Shipping, Receiving and Logistics)

    • Pharmaceutical Track and Trace

    • Trusted Traveler Control Systems

    • Asset & Inventory Control

    • Firefighter Locationing /Emergency Service Personnel Locationing

    • First Responder Evacuation Services

    • Library & Document Management

    • Motor Vehicle Registration & Parking Enforcement

    • Public Transportation Locationing Services(City/State/Municipal)

    • Security and Access Control

    • Voter Equipment Tracking

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