Greater Sudbury Hydro, Chose QUICK® for Warehouse Inventory

Greater Sudbury Hydro, in Ontario Canada selected QUICK® to extend the management of utility inventory to mobile computers.  With QUICK®, employees no longer have to manually record their issue and return transactions and then key them into the system at a later date/time.  The transactions are processed online in real time!  Mobile computers also expedite physical inventory by eliminating inventory worksheets, eliminating data entry and increasing accuracy via barcode scanning!

About Greater Sudbury Hydro


Over 100 hundred years ago, Sudbury became the first community in Ontario to own and operate its own electricity generating facility. The peak demand for electricity has evolved from the original 75 thousand watts (75 Kilowatts) to a high of 200 million watts (200 Megawatts) and now is about 150 million watts (150 Megawatts), but the motivation remains to keep Greater Sudbury Hydro customers at the leading-edge of innovation.


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