About Laredo, Texas Utilties

Their Mission: To provide the community with safe drinking water, on demand, and in sufficient quantity, and to remove and dispose of wastewater and its by-products in an environmentally sound manner.


For more information about Laredo Texas' Utilties Department, please visit their website  http://www.ci.laredo.tx.us/Utilities05/index.htm

QUICK® extends SunGard’s purchasing & inventory application to mobile computers allowing the warehouse personnel to issue parts to jobs right off the shelf online in real-time.  Barcode printing allows inventory personnel to barcode all inventory so it can be easily scanned for issues, returns, physical inventory and transfers.  Wireless freedom allows a user to process inventory transaction much faster than pen and paper.  Plus it eliminates redundant recording and re-entry of information resulting in a streamlined inventory control system with fewer errors and increased efficiency!

Laredo, Texas' Utilities Department uses QUICK® for Warehouse Inventory Management