City of Bakersfield, CA Utilizes QUICK® for Container Tracking

The City of Bakersfield, California purchased 80,000 blue recycle containers that needed to be delivered citywide in an extremely aggressive timeframe. According to Luda Fishman, a Business Manager for the city, “We needed an efficient paperless system for our workers to deliver the recycle containers and assign them to physical addresses in our system. We knew Quatred had a proven track record in extending core business systems to mobile so we engaged them to create a custom solution for us. The solution has exceeded our expectations. We have delivered 30,000 bar coded containers in a few months without having to manually key any information into our system!” 

About the City of Bakerfield, California

The Southern Gateway to the Central Valley, Bakersfield is the 9th largest city in California and one of the fastest growing regions in the nation. Bakersfield is the seat of Kern County, which generates 76 percent of the state's oil supply and ranks third among all counties in the United States in agriculture-related production.


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