SeePoint/Quatred Press Release on Kiosk Integration

Quatred selects SeePoint's integrated CounterPoint for seamless shipping and receiving with QUICKship®.

Los Angeles, CA – Thursday, May 16, 2013 – Pulling into a loading dock during the middle of a busy day or in the quiet of night, a driver steps from his truck and heads to a slender countertop kiosk where he quickly checks in and processes his shipment before heading back on the road.

For manufacturers and distributors, the installation of QUICKship® Kiosks at their facilities effectively streamlines the shipping process in unprecedented ways.

Gone are bulky folders bulging with hand-scrawled shipment forms, or the need for workers to be on-hand to check in drivers, process orders and input data into the company's system—processes that add to the potential for delay, errors and costly manpower. After self-scanning his license, front and back, a driver can select and review his orders from a colorful, multilingual touchscreen, along with important shipping notes, such as trailer temperatures. The system takes a photo of the driver and captures his signature before digitally tucking away each piece of information.



For Quatred, a New Hampshire-based systems integrator and solution provider, the decision to create the QUICKship® Kiosk was based on an unmet need in shipping: "It helps companies keep track of who is picking up shipments and when they are being picked up, without the hassle of tons of paperwork." says Marc R. Doyon, systems integrator and principal at Quatred. "It's sleek and skinny and everything is connected directly to your backend system in real time. We tie into your core business system so you can retrieve and view all of your data online, and in an easy, customized way."

Quatred selected CounterPoint kiosks by SeePoint to house their proprietary QUICKship® solution. The industrial-grade units are flexible, and can be securely integrated with a menu of peripherals—in this case, a signature pad, digital camera and card scanner. Featuring a clean, space-efficient design with no exposed cables, wires or bulky cabinetry, the CounterPoint's powerful processor and 17 inch LCD touch screen are joined inside SeePoint's slender, patented enclosure, an eye-catching and durable shield protecting the unit from environmental factors ranging from dust and dirt to vandalism.


"The CounterPoint is the ideal vehicle for the QUICKship® Kiosk," says Jonathan Arfin, CEO of SeePoint. "Incredibly compact and easy to operate, the CounterPoint is designed to withstand the day to day realities of a shipping environment while still weighing 20 pounds or less. We have been working with clients for over a decade who require a nimble unit, a durable workhorse that can take over a multitude of tasks and be neatly integrated with peripherals ranging from state of the art imaging to biometrics."

Quatred's Marc R. Doyon adds: "Ben Franklin wrote 'Time is money' in 1748, and today the saying is more critical than ever. We created the QUICKship® Kiosk to help clients increase efficiency and remain competitive, and it does this by streamlining and combining multiple shipping processes while eliminating manual tasks and solving some familiar problems at the same time."

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