Bama Companies Inc, and Quatred to Co-Presented at PRISM User Group Meeting

Bill Chesser of Bama Companies, Inc. and Marc R. Doyon of Quatred LLC co-presented at the 2013 PRISM User Group Meeting, October 20-22 2013 in Newton Massachusetts.


Marc unveiled the QUICKShip® Kiosk Prototype and demonstrated how the kiosk technologies could be used to streamline inbound/outbound shipments and eliminate manual paperwork!

QUICKShip® Kiosk Prototype     

The following QUICKShip® features and benefits were demonstrated:

  • Purchase Order Lookup

  • Customer Number Lookup

  • Details of the trailer

  • Digital Driver Card Scan (front & back)

  • Digital Driver Photo Capture

  • Digital Driver Signature Capture

  • Multi-Language (English, Spanish, French)

  • Shipment History Inquiry

Bill explained how Quatred’s QUICK® changed the way Bama manages their production, inventory and shipping/receiving processes

He demonstrated how Bama Companies leveraged QUICK® to provide a seamless “Touchless” process that:

  • Organizes all open orders and WH transfers for action on a single user friendly dashboard interface

  • Communicates shipping requirements

  • Directs and validates picking

  • Directs and validates truck loading

  • Processes the shipment within PRISM

  • Completes WH Transfers outside of PRISM with QUICK®