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Oil Energy

Enterprise Asset Management

  • Availability of cost-effective, enterprise-ready and easy-to-use handheld computers.

  • Accelerating deployment of local area wireless (WLAN) and wide area wireless (WWAN) networks to move data to and from the point of business activity.

  • Availability of new and more powerful tracking technologies such as two dimensional (2D) bar codes and RFID.

  • Emergence of new field force automation applications built to use the latest mobile technology.

Trucking Logistics

  • Streamline load planning, routing and scheduling to eliminate costly miss-loads.

  • Accurately monitor driver and vehicle performance and relay dynamic routing decisions to help reduce costs, create new revenue opportunities and increase productivity.

  • Cut out costly paper-based processes by using advanced data capture technologies to automatically track your freight throughout the delivery process.

  • Look for ways to keep your vehicles road-worthy by applying the same data you use to plan and manage delivery operations.

  • You can also use vehicle performance information to make better-informed maintenance decisions that optimize performance, reduce downtime and lower spare-parts inventory.

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