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Quatred's Solutions

Over thirty years of experience in the implementation of advanced technologies has clearly shown that packaged software never meets 100% of customer requirements.  There are always modifications and/or customizations needed that present an added layer of complexity and cost!

QUICK (Quatred Universal Interface Control Kit) is a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) foundation developed for the rapid deployment of Mobile Computer, Bar Coding, Radio Frequency (RF) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies.  QUICK is a powerful, flexible, seamlessly integrated SOA.NET framework that provides for custom tailored solutions that are superior to packaged software!


  • Online real-time access to back office applications from within the office or in the field

  • Online/Offline modes

    • Online- Transactions are processed immediately as they occur

    • Offline- In cases where no network connectivity is available, the mobile computers store information until they are within range of a wirelless network.  As soon as network connectivity is re-established, the mobile computer can process stored transactions

  • Wireless freedom & flexibility

    • Work in the office over a wireless local area network (WLAN)

    • Work on the road over a wireless wide area network WWAN)

    • Work out of range of any network in offline mode (DISCONNECTED)

  • Easy scanning operation

    • 1D or 2D bar codes

    • RFID tags

  • QUICK print support for Zebra bar code printers

  • Open technology compatible with all Wi-Fi certified systems

  • Easily adapts to accommodate advances in technology or changing/new requirements


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