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CentralSquare's Mobile Interfaces


Provides the ability to extend purchasing/inventory issues, returns, transfers, inquiry and physical inventory functionality to mobile computers.  Includes Fixed Asset and Asset Management II Physical Inventory functionality. Commodity barcode label printing is also included.

Provides the ability to extend Work Order Reporting and Miscellaneous Inventory Maintenance functionality to mobile computers.  Work Order Reporting features include, labor reporting, material issues/returns, inspections and meter functions.  Miscellaneous Inventory features include, mobile maintenance of Miscellaneous Inventory (add, create, delete) and Inventory Location Assignments.

About CentralSquare

CentralSquare is a leading provider of software and services aligned to serve five key customer segments – Public Administration, Public Safety and Justice, State Government, Federal Government and Nonprofit Agencies.


For more information about CentralSquare, please visit their website www,centralsquare,com

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