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Mobile Work Order Reporting

Are you tired of trying to read your road crew's handwriting? Do you want to eliminate manually entering miscellaneous inventory, land management location assignments and work order actions? Do you want to eliminate redundant paperwork and significantly increase your accuracy through bar code scanning at the point transactions occur?  You should consider deploying the QUICK® Mobile Work Order Reporting Interface.

QUICK® Mobile Work Order Reporting Features

  • Online real-time access to the NaviLine application

  • Increased inventory accuracy via bar code scanning

  • Reduction in errors due to the elimination of manual paperwork

  • Elimination of information redundancy

    • Manually record Misc. Inventory, Location Assignments & Work Order actions

    • Enter information at a later time

  • Moves data entry responsibility to person performing task

    • Allows Work Order creation "on the fly"

    • Allows Work Order reporting

    • Allows Miscellaneous Inventory Maintenance (Add, Change, Delete)

    • Allows Location assignments to miscellaneous inventory

    • Allows Work Order Inspections to be performed

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