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About Quatred

Quatred LLC is a systems integrator and solution provider, assisting clients in the implementation of advanced “Touchless Technologies”.  We are committed to being a leader in deploying these technologies and integrating with applications and business processes that make use of them, across all industries.  Quatred represents decades of real-world project experience over hundreds of successful implementations.  We design, develop, deploy and support comprehensive solutions for our national and international clients.  Our team has been put to the test repeatedly and has consistently delivered complete systems incorporating touchless technologies, including:



Radio Frequency Identification

Asset Tracking


Mobile Computing

Plant Floor Integration

More and more customers are searching for ways to increase the flexibility of their business processes, strengthen their underlying IT infrastructure, and retain and reuse their existing assets.


QUICK is a tool developed for the rapid deployment of Mobile Computing, Barcoding, Radio Frequency (RF or Wireless) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies.  It provides a flexible, robust infrastructure to model, assemble, deploy and manage your business processes. It's cost-effective, modular and scalable which means you can implement an end-to-end solution customized to your requirements without the traditional headaches associated with packaged software.  


The QUICK approach is unique in that it enables the delivery of a fully supported application that is superior to packaged software for less cost!

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