Quatred Exhibited at East SUGA

Quatred exhibited at the East SUGA Conference on October 25-27, at the Caribe Royale, in Orlando, Florida.  Quatred provided demonstrations of hardware and software, as well as an exciting game of Barcode Poker!  Quatred also presented sessions on the following topics:





Mobile Computing/Bar Coding interfaces for SunGard Applications provide municipalities with the tools needed to streamline operations, eliminate redundant recording / keying of information, increase accuracy and improve efficiency.  Our QUICK® mobile interfaces utilize SOA.NET technology to enable workers to manage inventory, track assets, report fleet labor, track evidence and property or report activity against work orders.  Best of all, they offer complete wireless freedom & flexibility. You can work in the office or warehouse over a wireless local area network (WLAN) or on the road over a wireless wide area network (WWAN)... You can even work out of range of any network in offline mode!  Attend this session to learn how dozens of municipalities are reaping the benefits of mobile computing & bar coding!




License Plate Recognition (LPR) systems provide significant productivity and safety improvements in comparison to traditional, manual license plate searches.


LAW ENFORCEMENT:  While an officer patrols, license plates are captured and compared to plates found on federal and local hotlists. Each plate is automatically recorded and saved with the associated infrared plate image, corresponding OCR translation, color plate image, date and time stamp, GPS coordinate and relevant data from hotlist (in the event of a hit).


PARKING ENFORCEMENT:  While a parking enforcement operator patrols parking lots, parking garages and street parked vehicles, license plates are captured and compared to parking permits and timed based parking zones to identify and generate violations as they are encountered. 



About SUGA

SUGA is an acronym for the SunGard Public Sector Users' Group Association, Inc., an organization of SunGard Public Sector software users formed in 1988 to further the continued improvement and expansion of SunGard Public Sector products and services. The purpose of SUGA's Mission is:


"It is the Mission of SUGA to promote open communication among all members, and between SUGA and SunGard Public Sector decision-makers regarding the enhancement and development of products, technologies, technical support, and strategies that will best meet the needs of SUGA members, as well as offer high quality educational experiences on all SunGard Public Sector product lines at the lowest possible cost to member agencies.


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