City of Kissimmee, FL Deploys Mobile Asset Tracking System

The City of Kissimmee, Florida selected Quatred to extend their fixed asset physical inventory process to
mobile computers using barcoded fixed asset tags.  Quatred partnered with Harris Computer Systems to extend the Innoprise Suite fixed asset physical inventory solution.  It features online and/or disconnected asset physical inventory processing with the ability to see which assets are missing or located somewhere other than expected.  All physical inventory counts capture the date, time, counter and location where the asset was found.  It is fully integrated with the Innoprise Suite Fixed Asset Physical Inventory process and offers the ability to track assets via RFID tags and/or barcoded asset labels.



About the City of Kissimmee, FL

The City of Kissimmee operates under a 'Council-Manager' form of government.
This popular form of government combines the political leadership of its elected officials with the strong managerial experience of a City Manager, who serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the City.  The City of Kissimmee consists of 12 Departments and 700 employees.


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About Harris Computer Systems

Choice among industry leading software solutions. They provide choice by building or acquiring solutions and then combining them with their software for life program.  Their goal is to provide their customers with a solid return on their investment and the ability to choose the best solution that meets their unique needs.


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