The City of Casselberry, FL Chooses QUICK® to Manage Inventory

The City of Casselberry, FL chose QUICK® to extend their inventory management processes to wireless mobile computers.  Instead of manually recording issue and return transactions and then entering them into the Superion Purchasing/Inventory system at a later time, they scan the user, scan the department, scan the item, enter the quantity and the transaction is completed online in real time!  Scanning items, users, departments, projects, etc. as items are being issued or returned speeds up the process and significantly reduces errors.  Additionally, the physical inventory counts will eliminate the need for printed worksheets, counters writing down items and quantities and the subsequent data entry.  The result is a mobile system that increases accuracy and productivity while saving time and money! 


About the City Casselberry, Florida

Casselberry is approximately 10 miles north of downtown Orlando.  There are two major roadways that connect the City of Casselberry to all of Central Florida.


For more information about the City of Casselberry, Florida please visit their website