The Village of Lincolnwood Deploys Mobile Inventory System

The Village of Lincolnwood, Illinois Public Works Department selected Quatred to extend their Accela Inventory System (formerly Springbrook) to ruggedized mobile computers with integrated barcode scanners.  With the mobile computer interface, physical inventory can be performed in a fraction of the time with much higher accuracy.  The next phase of the project slated for the 2nd quarter 2015 will be to manage all inventory with the mobile computers.



About The Village of Lincolnwood Public Works Dept.

The Public Works Department is responsible for maintenance of the Village’s streets, vehicles, parks, public buildings, trees, alleys, water system, sewer system, and more.  The Department is organized into five divisions including: Administration, Vehicle Maintenance, Parks & Building Maintenance, Streets Maintenance, and Water & Sewer Maintenance. 


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About Accela

Today, Accela powers thousands of services and millions of transactions for more than 2,000 public agencies worldwide. With this rich heritage of experience, Accela and its partners are in a unique position to offer professional services aimed at providing tailored solutions that fit the exact requirements of your agency.


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