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Shop Floor

  • Allow employees to signal for replenishment without stopping workflow

  • Allow material-handlers to find and deliver required parts more quickly

  • Reduce line-side inventory with replenished based on up-to-the-minute data

  • Identify and validate parts used, and ensure the correct sequencing and completion of manufacturing steps

  • Achieve total inventory visibility and synchronized manufacturing processes

  • Monitor plant usage, line sequencing, throughput and machine performances to find and fix potential problems before they negatively impact schedules


Field Mobility

  • Increased field technician/sales/driver productivity

  • Improved data accuracy

  • Higher sales and stronger customer relationships

  • Better sales forecast accuracy

  • Improved inventory management, from the warehouse to the customer

  • Reduced cash-to-cash cycle with real-time invoicing


Materials & Warehouse Management

  • Improves overall warehouse efficiency, reducing labor costs

  • Reduces inventory stocking level requirements

  • Increases efficient and accurate material tracking

  • Decrease the column and cost of warehouse space

Mobile Manager

  • Mobility ensures that even though your management teams are on the go, they have access to information where and when they need it for:

    • Faster reaction to changing plant conditions

    • More productive and effective management



  • Improve tracking

    • Improve speed and accuracy for tracking pallets, cartons and containers

  • Improve assembly process

    • Increase efficiency and speed with fewer errors throughout the entire assembly process

  • Reduce cost

    • Reduce stock levels and operating costs

  • Improve inventory management

    • Provide for more efficient picking operations due to real-time inventory, routing and movement information

    • Improve inventory visibility to feed just-in-time (JIT) systems


Asset Management

  • Increased asset utilization and uptime

  • Higher technician productivity

  • Reduced tools/spares inventory and associated costs

  • Ensures proper tax treatment for assets

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