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Public Administration

Are you tired of writing down the tasks you perform and then having someone else key them into the system at a later time? Do you want to eliminate redundant paperwork and significantly increase your accuracy?

QUICK® Public Administration Features

  • Wireless freedom & flexibility

    • Work in the office over a wireless local area network (WLAN)

    • Work on the road over a wireless wide area network (WWAN)

  • Online real-time access to NaviLine applications

  • Offline capability when you're not connected

  • Ability to print bar coded labels for inventory assets

  • Increased accuracy via bar code scanning

  • Reduction in errors

    • Elimination of paperwork

  • Elimination of information redundancy

    • Manually record transactions such as issues/returns, and physical inventory

    • Enter information at a later time

  • Purchasing/Inventory

    • Physical Inventory

    • Issues/Returns

  • Fixed Assets

    • Physical Inventory

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