QUICKviolations® & Parking Enforcement

QUICKviolations®; an advanced automated Parking Enforcement solution that supports zoned defined parking that can be time-based, permit-based or both.  Violations can be created and printed as they are identified and updated to any back office ticket management system.

QUICKviolations® Features

  • Capture License Plate Images

  • Electronically chalk vehicle position

  • Identify parking zone

    • Look up zone type by GPS coordinates

    • Determine zone type

      • Street based parking zone

      • Lot based parking zone

  • Identify if a violation has occurred and request confirmation or rejection

  • Print the Violation

  • Update back office software with the violation

  • Allows manual violation generation if required


Parking Enforcement Options

  • Permit based parking

  • Time based parking

  • Permit and Time based parking

  • Support multiple permit levels

    • EXAMPLE: GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE permits are issued.

      • GOLD can park in any lot

      • SILVER can park in SILVER and BRONZE lots

      • BRONZE can only park in BRONZE lots