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Asset Management Solution

  • Our handheld computers are easy-to-use, cost-effective and enterprise-ready.

  • Accelerated deployment of local area wireless (WLAN) and wide area wireless
    (WWAN) networks enables data to be moved to and from the point of business

  • New tracking technologies, such as two dimensional (2D) bar codes and FRID,
    empower your business now.

  • New filed force automation applications are built to sue the latest mobile technologies.


Commercial and Industrial Automatic Meter Reading

  • Improve customer satisfaction and operating efficiency

  • Improve cash flow by reducing cash-to-cash cycle

  • Improve energy demand forecasts with increased visibility

  • Increase control over energy demand and load balancing

  • Support Demand, Critical Peak Pricing (CPP) and Time of Use (TOU) Programs
    for C&I customers

  • Support load surveys and analysis

  • Reduce labor requirements and costs

  • Gain more control over production needs and improve service delivery

Mobile Meter Reading

  • Improve accuracy and availability of information in your business system

  • Improve cash flow by reducing cash-to-cash cycle

  • Increase technician productivity by eliminating paper-based data capture

  • Increase meter visibility for billing accuracy, upgrade or replacement

  • Improve energy demand forecasts with increased visibility

RFID Solution for Energy and Utilities

  • Increased productivity

Employees spend less time tracking down missing equipment, improving staff utilization

  • Improved production uptime:

Faster response times to disasters, failures and outages minimizes downtime

  • Improved equipment maintenance and infrastructure

Prompt inspections and more informed, on-the-spot repair decisions keeps production running at peak performance - for peak volumes.

  • Increased asset utilization

Improvements in asset visibility and utilization reduce stocking inventory levels

  • More efficient and cost-effective regulatory reporting

Ensures proper treatment of all assets and compliance with regulations to protect against fines

  • Improved worker safety

Offers the ability to quickly locate workers and instantly spot and respond to potential 'man down' situations, which helps better protect the safety and health of your workers

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